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    The .efx is your problem. On efax, you need an efax plus account (costs money) to get tiff files. I throught j2 sent faxes in tiffs. You need to find a fax service to send you tiffs. I get my j2 faxes in tiff format, not efx format. Not sure why.
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    Santa the fax from markspace does not work in the treo650 unfortunately. Thanks.
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    I use, which seems to work well. I got rid of efax because of the spam they send (even though they still seem to send it). It works great, but isn't very practical for the treo 650 screen. They offer Tiff or PDFs.

    The treo seems to recognize the format, but it doesn't seem to let me open it. AcidPro does and so does Tiff Viewer, but I don't get enough faxes that are must reads to make it worth the expense. If only PDAs could be opened...
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    You wanna really save money on INCOMING faxes? Sign up with They have a $2/month 800 number, that you can dedicate as Fax or Fax/Voicemail OR Fax/Follow-You --> Then go to Voicemail. It's just $0.069 per minute for incoming calls.

    When I receive a fax, it sends an email notification to me (on my Treo), and then from a web-browser (on a PC) I can view the TIFF images.
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    Quote Originally Posted by From_WI
    Is there any software that would allow me to send a fax -- for example, a WordSmith document -- from my Treo 650? ... something like WinFax.

    This capability could be useful when traveling and/or generally to send documents to persons who are not (yet) e-mail savvy.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Best Wishes for 2005!\\

    It will cost ya $20....$30 more if you don't have the companion program Instepprint.

    "InStep Fax for Palm OS Version 2.2 now Available!

    InStep Fax™ is an add-on component for InStep Print™ that allows Palm users to quickly print and fax their important word processing and spreadsheet documents, email messages, information from the clipboard, calendar and address book contacts - all while you're still on the run.

    Sending a fax is as easy as selecting a document on your handheld system and clicking the 'fax' button. InStep Fax is completely integrated with the Palm address book, so there's no need to maintain separate phone/fax numbers. Simply click what you'd like to fax, select a number from your address book... and InStep Fax will do the rest.

    InStep Fax also provides complete cover page support allowing users to customize their own cover pages using any compatible word processing application such as DocumentsToGo, WordSmith or Quickword.

    Just about any Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax compatible device is supported using InStep Fax. If you're unsure whether your mobile phone or Palm modem device is supported, please e-mail one of our support representatives at"
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    I currently have efax, which I use very infrequently (and never from my Treo). I signed up on, but from the brief testing I did, it looked like neither sent their faxes in tiff format using their free service (efx and jfx, respectivel). Has anyone else had a different experience?

    I never receive faxes that are important enough to need on my Treo, I'm just goofing around.
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    I use a product called thinmail and thinphone. This allows you via email, to send a fax or voice message to a number via email to that particular phone number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksawatsky
    Receiving - efax allows receipt of faxes in either TIFF or PDF formats, in addition to it own proprietory efx format...There is no PDF reader for Palm OS5.

    I've been using Adobe's free PDF reader for months now. It works fine for ebooks or documents & web pages that I print to PDFs with the exception of a zoom capability for text. BUt if the faxes are graohical data... it may do the job.
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    You can't read PDF's directly on the Palm which is the problem.
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