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    How do I get rid of old users on my palm desktop software?It will ask me for
    a password for each one but I dont remember what passwords I used on my
    6035,I300,etc.When I get a new unit I just make up a new name for the phone.
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    Palm Desktop, menu "Tools->Users", Delete.

    Also, instead of creating a new name each time you get a new device, first use the rename feature above to rename the old device, then give the new device the "old" name. Saves on having to get registration codes again, prevents "cross-loading" of software from old device to new, and saves developers a lot of time in having to deal with name update requests (of which you may or may not be able to do for free). It's a very simple process to use the rename feature. I've kept the same hotsync name across over a dozen devices through the past 6 years. Remember, just rename or delete old device first, then provide the same name for the new device. Simple.

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