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    Happy New Year!

    There's nothing like starting off the year with a hangover and computer problem ;-)

    I can't sync my Treo 600 (v. 5.2.1) after upgrading my G4 PowerBook from MacOS 10.3.6 to 10.3.7, and upgrading Virex from 7.2 to 7.5/ I now get the following error message in a Conduit Manager popup:

    "The file is locked. Select the file, chose Get Info from from the Finder's File menu, and make sure the Locked check box is not checked. [-54]"

    Can someone please tell me what this problem is and how to fix it?

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    Check the hotsync log on your desktop hotsync manager. It will tell you which conduit failed, and this will help us figure out which file is locked and causing your problem.
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    OK, I just found out that the culprit is Virex 7.5.1. According to the McAfee forums, this version doesn't play nicely with iSync. The workaround is to disable Virex when syncing. This is simply done in Virex Preferences by unchecking "Active virus detection." I re-enabled Virex when done syncing.

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    Unfortunately, Virex 7.5.1 is LOADED with issues. It is known to interfere with other applications along with a myriad of other problems (see Some people complain that they have many more problems with Virex than they ever did with viruses. Even worse, neither McAfee nor Apple seem to want to provide support for it. It is the main reason I switched to NAV.

    If you don't want to pay for another antivirus program such as NAV, I would recommend downgrading back to Virex 7.2.1. You can have equally good protection and far fewer system issues.
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    Volume/File is locked..yah..most of the times the latest Virex version is the culprit. Disable the Virex or better yet, uninstall it. Try to use the later versions, its easier to use and not much of a hassle. However, there are times that your userdata really locks up on you due to some minor application duplications. If ever you experience this problem:

    1. Search for "user data" file. Get info and then checked if the data is locked. If data is locked, unlock it.
    2. Go to Sys Prefs. Go to accounts. Under My Accounts, check startup items. Try to check if you have Palm Desktop Background and Transport Monitor. If you have duplicates of both or triplicates, delete them. Make sure that you only have one for each file and the type is "application".
    3. Search for "com.palm.HS" files. delete those files. restart your mac and you're up and running.
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    Hi mudflow,

    I only had to follow step #3 of your recommendations, but the HotSync still failed though it got further than it did before. I guess I'll have to stick with disabling Virex before syncing.

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    try using a lower version of the virex..that would be ok.
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    i am having file locked issues, but am not running virex. in dec. i bought a tungsten E to replace my clie T415. probs began when i installed the files from tungsten disk, which were very old. i replaced the system with 4.2.1. the tungsten has hardware problems, so i've gone back to the clie, intially with no errors. then yesterday i began getting "file locked" issues both during synching and adding to the calendar. i am not running any anti-virus software. any ideas? thanks!!
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    Try running permissions and check your log file.
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    This happened to me just after a Mac OS X update (mid April, 2009). I have a Tungsten TX, & I put the Palm software in the trash (but not my data files) and reinstalled revision D. It all worked. However, maybe when I had done a sync, all my contacts and some of my calendar events had been duplicated. I deleted the duplicates from my Mac, and hopefully, they will be deleted from my Palm with the next sync.

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