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    I recently installed EVPlugBase and removed HackMaster since I *thought* EVPB was supposed to allow use of normal hacks. Anyway, ever since installing it I've had numerous Fatal Errors, some with the following message: AMXHard.

    These errors tend to cause my Visor to "lock-up" forcing a Soft Reset. Needless to say, I removed EVPB and went back to HackMaster earlier today and haven't had any errors since (keeping my fingers crossed).

    Has anyone else experienced this with EVPB?

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    I had a similar experience with EVPlugBase.

    Since I had a few problems with Hackmaster, I decided to give EVPlugBase a try. The next time I tried to sync my Visor crashed. Only a Hard-Reset brought it back to life.
    Needless to say, I installed Hackmaster again.
    But what about the Hackmaster incompatibility reported on the VisorCentral site? I think it depends on the hacks you use and - probably - the combination of hacks. I still haven't figured out which one of my hacks causes me the problems.


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    I have EVPlugBase and have enver seen the 'AMX' error. Sounds like a problem with a specific hack.


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