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    I have the vaja ivolution case. And well when i bought it, I made sure there was no Ultra clip. I dont put my phone on my belt anymore, so thus is why i purchased it like so.

    Now on the innopocket website it says the following: With removable belt clip and post system.

    Does this mean i can remove the peg from the back of the case, or is it always fixed on the case?

    thanks guys
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    Okay im going to ask another question now.

    First off this is the case im looking at getting:

    Im just wondering what your view is on this case, and whether you like it or not. One person said (on the pacificrimtechnologies version) that their signal strength fell..but im skeptical as to whether it is true or not. So thus im going to you guys to see what you guys say

    Thanks guys in advance

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