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    Dear all,

    I have Docs To Go 7, Premium Edition.

    However, I cannot seem to find (I read the manuals, searched the forums) the button to do spell check. It is simply not there.

    I also tried reinstalling EVERYTHING.

    Thanks all and god bless.
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    I see two ways to do this on my device:

    1) Click the menu button, and under FILE, there is a "Check Spelling..." choice.

    2) Make sure the toolbar is displayed. If not, you should just see a small, lower-right pointing triangle at the bottom of the display. Tap it. Then, since the spell check option doesn't fit, tap the right arrow button at the right of the toolbar and a menu will appear which includes "Spelling".

    Note, these choices aren't from the main menu where you open documents, but in my case, I was in Word to Go _after_ opening a document.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dear all,

    But the problem is, I couldn't find it in FILE.

    And I couldn't find it in the toolbars section.

    It seem to have disappered. I used the tech tool and saw that this file, English_Br.lex is there (I suppose that's the dict file).

    Thanks all and god bless
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    This probably doesn't help either, but I found it on the Dataviz support web page:

    The Spellcheck feature is not working properly. It highlights words but does not check spelling.

    There is a conflict with Hand Dragon, 3rd party application which allows input of Chinese characters, and Documents To Go. Once Hand Dragon was removed from the handheld the Spellcheck feature worked fine.

    If you are experiencing a problem with the Spellcheck and do not have Hand Dragon installed please look on the handheld for any other text modifiers you have installed on the handheld.
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    CJKOS and Docs To Go do not mix.

    Thanks shaber...

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