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    I tried "wave edit" which supposedly does not support the TREO 600. (as stated on their web site)

    It records in two formats, compressed and uncompressed wav files.

    So now I use WAVE EDIT to record anything with my TREO and make it into a ringer. I use "mring" to play them because mring can assign a ringer to each contact. MP3ringer seems a little more stable but mring has more flexibility.

    I can also use "wave edit" to record both sides of a conversation. I put the conversation on speaker and switch to wave edit and start a recording. It works great. Be careful, in some states this may be illegal. I live in New Jersey where it is legal.

    Finally I loaded a bunch of wav files onto my sd card. I discovered several were not compatible with the 650. I loaded them in wave edit and converted them to an uncompressed wav, using a sample rate of 8000 and mono. They then worked.
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    I don't understand why the top of the line palm phone doesn't come with voice recording, 802.11G WiFi, on screen keyboard for those who are more comfortable with the stylus, and why the sync/charge cradle did not come with the unit to begin with.

    None of the local stores, including sprint carry any accessories for it. PalmOne has yet to release that desktop cradle.
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    I use Audacity and it works great on the Treo. It will record and play both compressed and uncompressed. All common record functions can be accessed from the navigation pad so I can do all my recording with one hand. Go to

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