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    Wasn't it about a YEAR ago that Jabra announced the BT500 and the BT800!? Sheesh. The next CES is around the corner...I'm wondering if all we'll see is a re-release of the announcement...and still no product. If anyone is going to CES in January, would you mind interrogating a few Jabra folks on what the deal is with these vaporware products? Thx!
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    Jabras are not that great...Sony's are much better.

    Who cares when they come out...too little too late.
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    Jabra rep said BT800 is shipping now and should be available everywhere. He didn't know for sure but guessed that the BT500 was a European model not offered in the US.

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    Thanks for checking ERic.

    I talked to a Jabra CSR today, and corresponded with another via email...both are saying that they initially expected the release of the BT500 to coincide with the BT800 release as well, but they were told that the BT500 release has been pushed back to April.

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