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    I'm a long time Treo (Palm, Handspring...) user who just moved from a T600 to the T650. Having just about zero experience with Bluetooth, I wasn't particularly excited about this aspect of the T650. However, after a couple of weeks of "geeking out" my T650 and getting to a fairly stable configuration (%^$&#@ memory issue!), I decided to try out the Bluetooth feature. Based on some posts here, I got a Scala-500 headset. Setup was straightforward and I seemed to be in business.

    What I found was that the whole setup seems pretty marginal at best. About 50% of the time, the headset audio is full of pops and hisses when connected. The transmitted voice quality is only OK, too. I am running a modified ROM with the voice quality patch in it. Perhaps more importantly, it seems that the whole connection process is a little hit or miss. Incoming calls are acceptable. Press the button, a bit of a lag, and you are connected. Using the headset for outbound calls seem to give me the most trouble. I have tried various combinations of making the call and pressing the button and I seem to get a connection only about 75% of the time.

    So, two things....

    1. Is the sound quality issue just the nature of the beast? Will a higher quality headset improve things?

    2. Am I missing something on the connection issue? What is the proper procedure for making an outgoing call with the headset?

    Or am I just expecting too much from this technology?
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    Many here like the Scala. I can only comment on the HBH-660. Just pair it with the Treo, incoming calls are passed on the first or second ring, outgoing calls are passed almost immediately. I'm using BTmute 1.5 with the default settings. No complaints from anyone on the call quality and since I installed a Jabra EarGel, I have to turn the audio level down. Only if I walk to far from the phone do I get static. But, I gotta say id does not work well in out in the wind. Probably messes up the digital processing of the audio.

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