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    Hey all-

    I'm currently using Netbook 2.0 to keep track of URLs that I run across in my day-to-day routine...not to mention keeping login/passwords to "membership" type sites (ie. IBM Tech Support, etc.).

    Though I'm fairly happy with it, I'd like to know what everyone else is using (if anything) to handle this task. Is there something better out there?


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    I use CryptInfo for that task. It's great because it allows you to store many pieces of info such as login, ID, Acct#, PWd:, PIN, URL, etc. It even allows you to set up custom fields. The best part is it's password protected and encrypted so if you lose your Visor, no one will have all your info. (I'm not familiar with Netbook). It's not free, but for $12.99 I think it's worth it. You can find it at

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