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    Unfortunately I purchased full copies of each of these programs and the recommended Bluetooth GPS recievers for my Treo 650.

    Mapopolis using the EMTAC Bluetooth reciever would loose its Bluetooth signal constantly and was unuseable. Correspondance with Expansys and Mapopolis tech support yielded little assistance including a request for a RMA for replacement.

    In summary, I strongly recommend TomTom. It worked first time and also does not require you to install dozens of maps to cover a region of the country. I wish I had never wasted my money on Mapolis and EMTAC bluetooth GPS. I'll never buy from them again.

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    Are there any good deals available on the TomTom GPS? Is their website the best place to buy one?

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    which tom tom kit do you but none say they support the treo. $349? $299? which one?
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    I doubt this was any issue with Mapopolis, since I use it regularly with my BT Palm with no loss of connections. Emtac GPS devices generally get very good reviews as well, though I've never owned one, so I can't vouch for them. I believe there was another post someplace about similar issues with a different BT GPS device, perhaps it's a Treo BT issue.
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    Perhaps the issue is either with my EMTAC GPS or Treo 650 Bluetooth. In any case I recieved little help from tech support.

    TomTom is far superior in map handeling and map quality (3D).

    I found the best deal on the TomTom kit from and paid $237.99 including shipping.

    buyeretails part number is TOMBTP TomTom Navigator BlueTooth for Palm (1H50081).

    There is also an updated program file on TomTom's website.

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    I got mine and my dad's from buyeretail. (Note, mackmc's post is wrong, it's, not

    The December update on their site works well with the Treo 650, even though it's not officially compatible. They're going to have an update sometime in the next few weeks to make it officially compatable and address the issues we're seeing (like an incoming phone call interrupting the GPS session)

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    Any GPS units compatible with TomTom available for the TREO 600?
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    Any GPS units compatible with TomTom available for the TREO 600?

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