Twice in the past week i have been talking on my treo and then shut off the screen and put it into my pocket, as i have for the past year. (on 5th replacement, with dots showing up now too )

Anyway I got the phone out of my pocket and it was completley button turned it on. I plugged it in and was able to turn it on, but to my dismay it hard reset. The first time I was able to sync it and I only lost 2 weeks of data.

Here's the fun part...

The second time I go to sync it and i click on custom so I can change it from handheld overwrites desktop to desktop overwrites handheld. To my dismay there was no user profile to be found on the computer. I was able to find somesort of backup folder and sync everything back, except for my phone book.
I have a couple of address files, but no way to open them. one is a .dat and i am not sure what the other one is.

My two questions are 1) is there any way to get the addresses in or get the old profile back, and why did my profile drop out, and 2) why in the hell did the phone just hard reset like that?