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    Do the following subtraction problem:

    I get 72.900000000001

    I'm sorry but that's not really useful as an exact subtraction, now is it!

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    Hm. I got 72.9
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    Did you use fixed or floating point? Mine was set on floating when I get the erroneous result. I also have a Rev A. visor (got it in November). I'll have to check this with my wife's Rev B. visor.

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    I get 72.900000000001 with float or fixed. When I use basic mode, it comes out to 72.9.

    I got my Visor last month (Rev B).

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    I got 72.900000000001

    Hmmm. ?

    I got the right answer with the other two calc. programs I have loaded...
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    I get the right answer with the regular calculator, and the "wrong" answer with the scientific calculator (float or fixed).

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    If it makes you feel any better, my Palm does the same thing. Results are fine with the built in calculator but when I try it with Parens it shows the rounding error. If I'm not mistaken, the advanced calculator on Visor is Parens or some variant (think I read that in these forums here).

    If I'm correct you may want to email the author. I'll apologise in advance if I'm wrong

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