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    Not to be ungrateful, but I'm beginning to worry about Chatter becoming so feature-rich that it ceases to do well what it now does so superbly. The new "template" feature is a case in point. It would certainly be welcome in a full-blown desktop email client, but I find it hard to believe many people really need it on their Treos. I would much rather Marc's talents and labor go into making the program rock-solid and super fast. (Now that all the features I want are in there, of course!)
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    tangible - I put in the draft/template features because it has been requested by a few people and was simple to implement (a few hours). I've also found a few uses for it myself, though I'll probably have to add a few mini-features on top of the new functionality.

    I never add features for their own sake - I just don't have enough time for that.


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