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    i just installed ptunes and subscribed to napster. i downloaded an album to my pc and then transfere the songs to my sd card using a reader. when i fire up ptunes, i get this message:

    this file could not be opened. it could be corrupted, or it could be restricted to only allow playback on certain devices

    did i just waste 11.95? the question then becomes...where can i go to download music to play on the treo?

    thanks in advance for any help
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    i don't think napster uses mp3 format. most pay music services use their own format which won't play on all players. you may have waisted your money!
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    so the question now is...where do you dowload albums legally or otherwise, that you can transfer to the SD card to play?
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    with iTunes, you can burn to CD, then re-imporrt as MP3 and put on your player. A little bit of a pain but workable.
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    With Napster you download WMA files. However they are protected with DRM. Ptunes does not support it yet, but they say they are working on it. Once they do hopefully (if they support Janus) you will be able to subscribve to the $15 all you can download option and fill up your SD card with whatever you want. Hopefully they will at least support the DRM solution that Napster and every other store (except iTunes) uses.
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