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    Does anyone know if the Sprint Store phone receipts have the phone ESN on them?

    Sprint is giving me hell about exchanging a Treo 650 so I am considering buying one, and returning the old one.

    This will only work if they don't print the phone ESN on the receipt. Does any one have a sprint phone receipt in front of them?
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    Wont work! ESN has to be activated and it shows the date it was activated. You would have better luck going to a different store
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    What if you buy a phone and never activate it? The treo 650 I have here was not put onto my account yet because it was defective out of the box.
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    This may not be relevant but...

    Whenever a sales cleark gives me crap about a receipt for an exchange, (which is what youre trying to do right?) I ask them if they have all the receipts for everything they bought in the last week. Usually get a "well no". I tell them I dont save receipts for everything in case I need to exchange for being defective because I expect the stuff I buy to work or I wouldnt buy it.

    Point to make is you are trying to exhcange something that is not working properly, is clearly still under warranty, has their logo on the front of it, they are currently selling it, and PalmOne says "go to a Sprint store". You are NOT trying to get cash, just a phone that works.

    If P1 says go to Sprint then Sprint should STFU and exchange it. Find another store. Tell em you got it as a gift.
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