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    I am looking for a way to place my Visor in the hotsynch cradle and print a memo, to-do list, or other document, without having to go through the Palm Desktop software. Does a way to do this exist? I've heard of PalmPrint but I don't really understand what it does. It makes it sound like you have to hook up the printer directly to your PDA to print. Thanks for any help!

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    Palm Redirector has a utility called PRDPad that I believe will let you do this. Look on
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    *Note-Handspring Visors are not presently supported by Palm ReDirector via the USB Port. Only communications through the serial port (Cradle) is supported.

    found that note at the bottom of the Palm ReDirector page on PalmGear.

    oh well...the troubles of having a USB cradle..sigh.(sarcastic)

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