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    im new to all this and appriciate any input
    i downladed splashmoney to my palm 650 is there a way to tie it into my quicken dat on my comuter?
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    I assume SplashMoney is similar to Pocket Quicken. If so, you need to do more than download the splashmoney .prc file to your Treo. You need to install SplashMoney to your computer in order to install its conduit. The conduit will then sync your Quicken data on your PC to your SplashMoney on your Treo when you hotsync.
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    I think SplashMoney only transfers data from your Treo to Quicken. It does not upload Quicken into youe palm.
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    The splashdata website says you can transfer data to and from Quicken via the SplashMoney conduit. See attached image.
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    Having gotten SplashMoney for free via Handango's weekly giveaway, I decided to have a closer look at the app and compare it to Pocket Quicken, which I've been using for years. Reading SplashMoney's manual reveals that it does *not* truly sync with Quicken; you can only upload transactions from SplashMoney to Quicken, as lulugirl indicated. If you want to copy transactions already in Quicken to SplashMoney, you must go through the export/import process.

    From this, it seems that users of SplashMoney use their PDAs as the primary data-entering source, and then send the transactions to Quicken on the PC/Mac. This differs from Pocket Quicken, which offers full synchonization in both directions, which is quite nice.
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    thanks for the info happy newyear to all
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    does anyone know if you can run splashmoney from a sd card with all the data that you download from quicken?
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    Don't know whether it has the ability built into the program, but you can probably do it if you use something like Zlauncher or PowerRun to move the data to an SD card. Here's the website for SplashMoney:
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    ill check it out thanks

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