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    I've had my 650 for 10 days now, and due to a number of features that I wasn't overly impressed with, I finally decided to return it. This is not like me, since I usually can't wait to get my hands on the latest gadget that Handspring/PalmOne puts out. However, maybe I'm growing up finally at age 63, or possibly I'm becoming more discriminating and demanding in my older age... One of the key reasons for returning it are the poor sound quality my wife and others would complain about when I called them. Another was the apparent lack of speed compared to the 600. I will miss the sharper image of the high resolution display, as well as the camcorder and clearer photos. Nevertheless, the improvements don't outweigh what I find to be drawbacks. I'll patiently and contentedly wait for the next Treo to come out before parting with my 600...
    I must admit that I felt a great sense of relief when I got off the phone with the Sprint CS after requesting to return the unit. My gut feeling told me this was the right move to make for me.
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    I almost returned it glad I didn't now. My sound has been and is fine. What I couldn't get by was the memory issue. I can't even look at my old 600's screen now it hurts my eyes (wife's got it as a hand me down). You might of wanted to hold onto it a while longer though. There is a supposed patch due out in early Jan. If you don't want to wait there are rom fixes on shadowmites site that will fix the sound quality. There are always negatives and positives being an early adopter.
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    Yes, it tough, although trade offs always abound.

    Palm only got three things right in the 650:

    -battery (replacable)

    Unfortunately they got wrong:
    -phone (sound)

    For many, the cons outweigh the pros. For others, the screen and BT are worth it.

    For $600, expectations are high
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    I beg to differ. That is not a Palm issue but a software/developer issue.
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    Blaming developers for crashes is a comlete copout, esp when you control the hw and sw.

    If you develop you OS and SDK properly, developers won't be able to crash it.
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    I too decided to go back to my 600. I loved the keyboard and camera in the 650 but the memory issue was insurmountable.

    To those who are thinking of the same thing... please do not return your unit right away. Many people on these boards are looking to move UP to a 650 from their 600. Just a suggestion as I had many people offering $ to upgrade.

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    I was on the fence for a while too. The memory issue pisses me off! But with a 1 GB SD card and Launcher X, I'm (somewhat) appeased. What really surprised me is how much of a difference the hi-res screen makes... that was lowest on my wish list and now I don't think I'd be able to go back to a device without one. Haven't really used the camera much... Bluetooth is a nice convenience for remote controlling my Mac, but I still sync via the (faster) USB cable... but this SCREEN. My gosh, it is bright, brilliant and beautiful.

    I think the exorbitant price tag leaves us all with a sour taste in our mouths. Sets expectations VERY high. Once I sold my Treo 600 on eBay for $300+ and also got a $75 Sprint rebate, I was slightly more agreeable and open-minded to the change.
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    We'll agree to disagree on that. While it's unfortunate prior versions of popular software aren't compatible, it's not a "fault" of the 650 or TREO. They (P1) didn't get it "wrong" - they changed their structure. When Apple, Microsoft and even Linux have changes structures, there have ALWAYS been compatibility issues. There's a new programming curve...
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    Considering I made money when I upgraded.... but the screen alone will keep me from going back. I like the BT too even though I lost my headset, it's cool to sync via bluetooth from across the room. I dont use that ridiculous cable at all now. Also the 600 looks like a toy next to the 650 (to me anyway)

    Too bad you don't like yours. Your choice though.
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    Well Sam, I have never had a Windows app completely make my PC unbootable.

    It is PalmOne's fault....they changed the device without safeguards on the software.

    Even the Mac and Windows have this simple feature.
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    Again - we'll agree to disagree.

    The software included, which in theory is the only software P1 is "responsible" for hasn't made the treo unbootable. And I will also argue that many a software did render a pc unbootable UNDER the OS it was running. TREOs don't have a non-OS type boot, so you can't compare - you're either in the PALMOS or nothing - it's not like window vs. crompt.

    But it's ok - you can blame whoever you want.
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    Pretty much all I ever hear in favor of the TREO 650 is "BEAYOOOOOUTIFULLLLL Screen" and "Easy One Handed Operation" I wanna know what you guys are looking at on tat screen and what you are doing with the other hand..... uh... maybe I don't wanna know....

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