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    Is it possible to read and illustrated ebook using the palm operating system? I am thinking of editing some paper books into the eformat and as wondering if this is possible. The only ebook if have seen that supports graphics is the rocketebook system and of course that only works on their proprietery viewer. I think the ebook is the future of publishing but only if you can view graphics

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    Yes. ISilo allows images. I believe there are other doc readers that do as well. ISiloWeb can be used to convert an HTML document into a Palm readable format (ISilo format of course), images and all.

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    TealDoc will allow imbedded illustrations as well.
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    I own, and love TealDoc. However,if I had to choose between it and iSilo, I would have to take iSilo. Why? Assuming you are running Win9x, WinNT or Win2000, iSilo's conversion tools are much easier to use; and produce better results . . . at least to this point.

    If there is a TealDOC guru lurking, how do you import html WITH graphics?

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