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    I am running Panther on my g5 with a treo 600 (cingular).

    How do I get photos OFF of the Treo using either the Palm Desktop, Missing Sync or any other piece of software?

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    Use Missing Sync..All your pics are in the DCIM folder from your treo. Open up iphoto, go to file/import, then find that DCIM folder and import whatever pics you like. Works like a charm..Good luck...
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    I am confused. Where do I find this folder in photo? To quote Denzel from "Philadelphia" explain it to me like I'm six. Thanks! :P
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    Do you have missing sync? You also need to have a sd card in your treo. When you click on missing sync on your treo, and you have the program on your mac, it mounts a disc on your desktop.. You can access any of the files in it as you would any other mounted disc. You can move photos, mp3's etc. Comprende, senor?
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    I use the "itreo" program. Works well for my needs.

    Hope that helps,

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    You can also use "iPalmPhoto" which is free, and available here:
    Not as "polished" as iTreo, but it's free...
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    I am a relatively new Treo 600 user but I have used the SplashWallet apps for quite a while (SplashID, etc). Now that I have a T600, I find SplashPhoto works great: handles control of the camera itself (no need to use the Palm app any longer); real easy transfer to Mac desktop app that is included with SplashPhoto; can set up transfer of photos from Mac to Treo via drag & drop to SplashPhoto desktop app. It was definitely worth the $9.95 I just paid to get the latest version that includes camera control.

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