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    I am not a techno-***** just an impatient bast@$d I have succesfully paired up my Treo 650 with the Ercisson hbh-660 and ai have a Microsoft BT Keyboard and mouse. I am trying to set up the fu#%ing BT sync and I do fine until it asks me to "set up a vitual port" on my PC. It says "refer to your adapters instructions on how to set this up". As per usual the MS info sucks.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Control Panel - Bluetooth Configuration
    Go to the "Local Services" tab and click "Add Serial Service"
    John Seay
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    I think I just answered my own question. I looked at one of my other PC's with XP and did not see that option either. I installed MS XP Service Pack 2 and low and behold the Bluetooth icon was there. It would have been nice for Palm to put that info in the manual.

    Freakin' Shazam!
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