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    I recently switched from Pocket PC to the Treo650 and really would like to find a program application that would be very close to Journal Bar - v3.1. Journal Bar only updates when it HotSyncs, which is fine by me. I don't need to have minute by minute news, weather, sports scores, theater showing times, etc. using up my air time. Can anyone who is familiar with Journal Bar help me out as I miss having a program like this program on my Treo650.

    Link for Journal Bar v3.1 in PPC
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    Sounds kinda like Express from Handmark (

    Express does require a subscription though, andcan be used either for Hotsync or airtime use.

    I can't think of anything else offhand :/
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    yep; I use Express, and after checking out that link for Journal Bar, I'd say that Express is very similar, except that Express doesn't put the info on the Today-type screen. It's just a separate app/icon. But I absolutely love Express - the directory lookup/add to address book/dial/map function is one I use ALL the time. A great app.
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    OK... I read about "express" and there is no way around the subscription price of about $6.90 per month. JOURNAL BAR is FREE, provides more info and does NOT require any "subscription"... Is Express all that is out there??
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