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    just found this, thought it might be useful:


    not like hackmaster, this is free
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    I have been using EVPlugBase as a FREE Hackmaster replacement for sometime and it works great, for me, I prefer the EVPlugBase interface and it will not allow you to delete running hacks, thus avoiding one more soft reset. (I was running HackDelete Hack, with Hackmaster to do that, but now I don't have to run that one.)

    Also, I should mention that I saw the warning (that is posted on PalmGear) relating to "Phlegm Hack" and was reluctant to load that under Hackmaster, but decided to try it under EVPlugBase and that is running beautifully. "Phelgm Hack is like "Switch Hack" but free and also offers a nicer interface, with icons on the recent files list. I really like the ability to switch between 2 applications with a single quick stroke (It's like running KDE or Gnome Desktop or that other OS, what's it called?)


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    I, too, just tried EVPlugBase. Seems to work just fine on my IVDx. All the Hacks I had are still there working away (as far as I can tell).

    One question, since the EVPB documentation was sketchy... does EVPB support all hacks? My interpretation of the EVPB manual was that it is compatible with traditional hacks. Can someone confirm this?

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