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    Hi All,

    I just got the Bluetooth chip for my laptop and I have the Bluetooth HotSync working great over the virtual COM port. Can anyone think of a good way to do any of these:

    1. Have the phone automatically do a HotSync via the Bluetooth connection on a schedule - or even better if it would initiate a sync when something changed in my calendar in Outlook or contacts, etc. (I already looked at Syncer and it does not seem to allow me to initiate a Bluetooth sync - it just supports the cradle-based Sync.)

    2. Initiate a Bluetooth HotSync from my computer manually.

    Thanks all,

    -Steve O
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    For Number One:

    In the Developer's Forums, under Jeff Gibson's forums, I believe he has made software that does just what you wanted. It can automate Hotsync operations. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure it supports Bluetooth Hotsyncs. If it doesn't now, I believe Jeff said he is working on getting it to support it.

    As for initiating a sync when something changes in Outlook, I am not sure if there is software out there that can do it. But I've never tried to, so perhaps there is software.

    I can't help you for question two, just because I don't use Bluetooth to sync and really don't know much about it.

    Hope that helps.


    UPDATE: I checked it out and you can for sure use Bluetooth to Hotsync with CradleCare (Jeff Gibson's app).
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