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    Dont try this at home, but this happened to my new treo650. I leaning over my sea wall and my treo 650 fell out of my pocket and into the water completely submerged for around 30 Seconds. I saw bubbles coming up from it (which is how I found it in the water). I immediately took the battery out and let it stand overnight. I actually program handhelds for a living (mostly Symbol 2800's, which are IP54 rated). to my GREAT suprise, the next day I plugged in the battery, and wala, I say the TREO graphic!!!!! It took 3 days for the screen to come back completed, but is is working perfectly now. I can't believe it. Way to go HTC (the best manufacturer of Handhelds)
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    now for consistent keyboards screens and headphone jacks. Those are the reason I'm on my 4th 650. Don't get me wrong...I'm as big a treo nut as there is but...
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    Wow. Cool. :-)
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    Just wait till the corrosion sets in and the contacts begin to turn green, You may not see it now but you should do everything you can to get it changed out
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    Your in trouble if its salt water.
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    That happened a few phones we have! My sis' V600, Nokia 8290, my Samsung, and one other phone. I do have insurance on my cell plan but I didn't have to use it at all.
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    A quick dunking in fresh water should do little harm, especially if you dry it out well. I would suggest drying it off with a towel (inside and out), shaking out loose water, putting it in a warm, dry place packed in a waterproof box filled with those little hygroscopic packets (the kind that they pack with about every new electronic thing these days). This completely resurrected a Treo 180 I once had and *no* corrosion, even 3 years later. But three years from now who will care about an antique Treo?
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    Heh yeah if that was salt water and you didn't rinse it out REALLY REALLY REALLY well with fresh water, it won't work for long, and there's nothing you can do about it now.
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    "...A quick dunking in fresh water should do little harm..."

    My LG VX1 (cell phone + kind-of PIM) felt into lake water. I fished it out and turned it on. I saw the LCD turned on and faded away.

    I soaked it in fresh tap water - would have preferred distilled water, but can't wait that long. After a brief 5-10 minute soaking, I let it dry for a couple of days - I occasionally use the "dust-away" compress air can and blow compress air into every opening I can find. After it dried, it served me well for another 18 months without problems!

    I am not sure if the fresh water soaking helped it or not. I reasoned (perhaps wrongly) a circuit board getting a soaking in lake water which contains salt and mineral would not be good. Since it is already wet, I canít get it more wet. Some fresh (distilled) water could wash the salt/mineral away. Drying it immediately should contain corrosion. Whether I decided wrong or not, it did worked out for me that time.

    I replaced my VX1 (Verizon) with a Treo a couple of months ago. The battery was going but it was otherwise working. I miss my VX1. Light weight, good signal strength (Verizon), all that. The bath it took did nothing to it other then making the outside clean.

    I now understand, the bars Cingular have been advertising - it is the bars around the Treo. It is like putting the Treo in prison. (Cell phone, cell, get it?) The higher the prison cell bars, the better they cut your Treo off the rest of the world. Thanks to Cingular, I enjoy life without the electronic leash of others bothering me with phone calls! I don't even feel guilty about missing their calls - becaused I did carry my phone with me and I did had it turn on; so why should I feel guilty about missing my colleagues' distress calls. That they can't reach me is, well, the bars...

    Sorry I digressed... This just makes me compare the two again.
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    I had one drop in an ice bucket for beer, got it out immediately, let it dry and it came back less the data. Was ok after hot sync for about a week then it turned off and lost all the data again. Got a replacement at Sprint. Maybe my issue was that it was a 600 and I couldn't take out the battery. Did turn it off though.
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    The secret is getting the power removed ASAP, flushing it with clean water, and drying using a warm environment. One of my favorite tricks to fix our Motorola radios when they get dropped in water/sludge/ethyl-methly-bad-stuff, is to remove the battery, fill up a small bowl and soak the radio for a few minutes. Rinse, repeat. Turn the oven on LOW (about 110-120 deg F), let radio sit in there a few hours. Getting the moisture out as quick as possible will definately reduce corrosion.

    The oven? I know, sounds strange, but it was a trick I picked up from my engineering days prior to the FD. The temp is low enough to not melt the Motorola radio cases at all, and sped up drying tremendously.

    Please do not use a microwave!! (you laugh, but the fact I had to mention it means it happened when I didn't mention it to someone! )

    I haven't had to try this with the Treo yet (being super careful about taking it off when I'm on a run).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    now for consistent keyboards screens and headphone jacks. Those are the reason I'm on my 4th 650. Don't get me wrong...I'm as big a treo nut as there is but...
    I miss the doggie!
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    I have to admit, the treo electronics are quite water resistant for about 45 seconds to a minute. So long as you remove power before water can seep past the keys onto the main board or threw the battery area (sealed with a sticker). I actually submerged mine in 2 liters of diet pepsi (don't even ask, I'll never admit it again). It took about 4 hours to properly dry, but it works perfectly fine now.

    As the others said, if you got it drenched in salt water, you need to purposely rinse it in fresh water (remove power!) for a few second and then dry it... Salt solution will cause anywhere with two different metals to begin oxidizing and overtime will detroy it.
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    Thanks for the info. Will keep in mind!
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    Shadowmite, Treo Soaker Extraordinaire
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    Hmmm... I wonder if the Treo is BeerProof as well....
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    I was running out of a movie theater once to get to my car as quickly as possible due to a downpour. Much to my chagrin, My 650 fell out of my case as I was running (it was one of those leather cases with the snap button on top of it) into a puddle of water. I was able to snatch it up within a few seconds. It was only a month after I had bought it.

    Needless to say, it's still working (as well as a T650 can, I suppose) and to this day the only scratches on the case were when it fell into the puddle (I have since replaced it with a better case with a zipper!). I will have to get another case soon, as the plastic on the case I have now is cracking around the bottom right side of the screen (due to heavy use!!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Hmmm... I wonder if the Treo is BeerProof as well....
    It'll take a few splashes of beer. But it's not at all beer-drinker proof. Trust me on this one
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    Seems okay with liquid nitrogen drops dancing on the screen too. Ooops.
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    I can't wait to take mine skiing to see if it's snow proof! I wonder if the cold would harm it?
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