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    Is anyone having trouble with their email being delayed or not receiving all of it? When I check my outlook on my desktop, all my mail is there, but my treo only 1 or 2 shows up. Also is it very delayed ??? Am I doing something wrong?
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    #1 I assume you're using Versamail?
    #2 Are your settings such that you only download the first 2 messages of your inbox or that only headers are downloaded? If so, you can change that in the advanced settings of the account setup.
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    I am using beyond contacts, with inbox to go. I haven't had a push all day yesterday or today. I don't understand. Should I get versamail?
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    Make sure that Outlook is set to leave messages on server. That could be why you only get a couple of them on the device.... that is, Outlook may be eating them up.
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    My treo 650 downloads messages from the server (manually of course) but the messagese are NOT downoaded to the Treo. Where are they going?

    My Snapper just expired so im now using Versamail. i would rather use Snapper but it does not handle attachments very well imo.

    Some help please....
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