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    Has anyone been able to locate a VPN client that supports ipsec? There was a link to one off of the install CD from sprint included with the 650, however it appears that the client referenced isn't released yet.

    I know Movian/Certicom had one, but it's no longer available. Anyone have any helpful hints/details?
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    me too!
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    Apparently you can buy the movian VPN client via

    It's pricey, but I need to know if it's workable. I'll let you know.
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    Yeah.. Let me know if it works.. I'm interested but unwilling to buy it.
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    Please note that this particular product has been brought up before in communications, and it has never been successfully tested on a 600 - nor is the 600 or the 650 listed in supported devices.. Just an FYI.

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