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    i want to shoot my t650 right now. I just realized the expense app is not included in the OS software. I better not loose my data. I had one year's worth of expenses before upgrading. Can someone help me retreive my old expense data? I see the expense data file and expense bak file, but can't open them with this version of software. Tried downloading old version of desktop software and it won't download because I have more recent software. Help! I need to retreive my expeses ASAP.

    By the way, I did a search and found an old expense.prc file and installed it onto t650 but it keeps making it do a soft reset. fyi- here's my email address too-
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    Well I managed to retrieve my old data. I don't know if this is the wisest way to do it, but it did work. I did a system restore and opened up my old palm desktop software. I exported the expense items to excel. I ended up not being able to undo the restore for some reason, and could not restore to any other day either, so I ended up removing the old palm software and installing the new treo desktop from scratch again. This may be a back asswards way to do it, but at least I didn't loose any data. Hope this helps anyone else if they're in a similar position. If anyone ends up getting the old basic expense app to work on the treo (or something equivalent to that app), please let me know. I'm looking for a simple, basic and free app to record business travel expenses.

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