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    Does anyone know - is there a feature selection that will automatically disconnect from the network when I close the web brower? The only way I have found to disconnect when I do this is go to Network Settings and manually tell Treo to disconnect. Really annoying.....

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    No feature selection. I use BatteryDr.
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    On my (now) old T300, there was a Disconnect menu item in Blazer. It's not there anymore on my T650, so your only "stock" option is to go to the Network Prefs.
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    Without a 3rd party utility, your only other choice is to power off the phone and then turn it back on. You'll also need to make sure the option to automatically connect to the network is disabled.
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    BatteryDr is the way to go. You set it to disconnect from Vision after a specific idle period. And it only costs $5.


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