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    I was wondering if anyone had gotten Versamail filtering to work...

    I have a filter that says:

    If the subject does NOT contain

    Then get mail and move to:

    Obviously I am trying to keep versamail from picking up my spam.
    But no matter what I do it always gets all the mail. Anyone have something like this working?

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    I figured it out.

    It turns out you need 2 rules.

    One rule to put all the non-bulk email in your inbox and another rule to put the bulk email in the trash. Otherwise filtering doesn't work.

    At least as near as I can tell

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    Did you get this to work consistently? I have set up 2 filters to try and separate the bulk mail to another folder or the trash, but VersaMail still puts it all in the inbox.

    Filter 1 gets all mail that 'Does Not Contain' '[Bulk]' in the subject line and puts it in 'Inbox'.
    Filter 2 gets all mail that 'Contains' '[Bulk]' in the subject line and moves it to 'Spam' folder (which I created).

    I've tried changing the order of the filters, connecting with only one of them checked, changing the 2nd one to move to trash instead of Spam, using 'Bulk' instead of '[Bulk]'....

    No matter what I do, VersaMail just downloads all the mail to my Inbox. Very annoying. I know I can set Yahoo Mail (Plus) to turn off POP access of the Bulk folder, but I also access from my desktop using a different spam system to double-check false positives and catch extra spam, so I'd rather not havw to turn that off.

    Since PalmOne/Sprint STILL haven't gotten a decent mail app on their device - please help!

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