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    My understanding of previous versions of GoodLink (3.1) was that it had it's own DB that was separate from the resident Palm DB. As such, while Good did a great job of syncing with Exchange you couldn't use any other client apps on the Treo other than the Good clients. Hence, you couldn't access the wide range of calendar, email and other tools available for Treo.

    2 Questions:
    a) Is the above accurate
    b) Has it changed at all with Treo 650 and latest Good release?
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    Do a search for Goodlink related threads. I know I remember reading a thread that explained adjusting a setting or 2 that allowed GoodLink to use the built-in Palm DB - thereby allowing you to use other Calendar apps rather than just Good's.
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    yeah, you basically delete the GoodCalendar app, and then do a sync with 'desktop overwrites handheld', so the palm desktop data (if you have it there) overwrites all the calendar data on the handheld. Same for GoodAddress, etc.
    But as minsc said - there have been other threads on this in the past, with more details.

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