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    There was a thread about this a few weeks ago:

    ... but it didn't generate much discussion. So I'll start a new one:

    It seems to me that if, thanks to shadowmite's extraordinary efforts, WiFi will work on the 650, then it's at least theoretically possible to turn a 650 into a WiFi VOIP phone. But then again, I'm not a very technical boy. :-)

    Perhaps the experts here could enlighten us as to what it would take to make this happen?

    Imagine ... you could buy an unlocked 650 and *never register it with a cell phone carrier* ... just use it as a VOIP cellphone! Of course, this would require that:

    a) you always have access to WiFi. (For myself, this is almost true -- my company has WiFi at all of its locations, and I have it at home. That takes care of about 80% of my life) and

    b) you have VOIP service.

    Your thoughts? What are the technical hurdles? Is anyone working on this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The VOIP stuff would be easy if you have a home phone and a *nix machine. The hard part would be getting someone to develop an application that would interface with the hardware on the Treo.
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    Apparently it's not possible on OS 5 (aka Garnet) because it won't wake up for incoming calls, however, it is theoretically possible to make outgoing calls. At least, that's what I heard last.
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    Does anybody believe that voip would be possible on os5, or were my suspicions correct?
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    What you'd need would be an API that would allow access to the mic and earpiece (done, I believe). Then you port SIP and RTP and you have outgoing. If you did some clever hook to the SMS app, you could conceivably build a method into something like Asterisk ( that would launch the outbound connection and then connect both sides. You would probably only want to use G.729a for a codec.

    Lotta work.
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    Keep an eye on iPhone at I haven't tested it, but they've got a lotta cool stuff there.


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