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    I thought I'd throw this out there, I have areas I'm in that are on the fringe of Sprint coverage. Even though sprint has enough signal to lock on to one of their towers, the signal is weak enough to have a crappy connection. In the same area, there are times the phone goes into roaming and has plenty of signal strenght and a great connection. I'd like to see a selection to force roaming to allow a clear connection when needed.

    I do pay extra for free roaming .
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    Shadowmite is looking into it
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    Thanks sxtg.
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    I have the same issue...need to force roaming on my 650...Sprint coverage has been great for me so far, unfortunately, except at my domicile...anyone have a hack to force Roaming?

    Happy New Year

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    Currently I have found no way of doing this, short of needing a serial cable and to load a verizon PRL onto the phone, or in general edit the PRL... It's not easy and it not a suitable hack for normal users of the phone. I will let you know if I find any other way of forcing the phone to go to 800mhz...

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