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    I migrated to iSync, using Apple Mail, Address, and iCal. I was irritated that Apple has not figured out categories for To Do items. I wanted to migrate back to Palm Desktop, but got hooked on and the ease of Apple's Address program.

    I spent a lot of time looking for a thrid party solution to manage my To-Do lists, and didn't like any of them. Too complicated.

    So I migrated back to Palm Desktop for Memo, To Do, and Date Book, and kept using Apple Address and on for my contacts. It took me a while to get to this, as Apple Help scared me off pretty good with instructions to only use iSync, and not to mix iSync and the Palm conduits for To Do, DateBook, etc, and the fact that installing iSync moves the conduits to a disabled folder.

    I'm guessing lots of people have done this already, but I saw no listing of procedure, so I'll describe the steps for other users that were scared like I was.

    1. Delete old To-Do's and appointments in Palm Desktop. I had a lot of old items lying around from before I migrated to iSync and iCal, and I didn't want to waste time transferring them back.

    2. Backup: make copy of palm user data in "Home:Documents:Palm", and Apple Address Book (use the File menu item Back Up Database)

    3. Open iSync, double-clic the Palm device icon, and uncheck the box for "Calendars"

    4. Restore conduits: go to this folder MacintoshHD:Library:Application Support:Palm HotSync. This is NOT the local User's "Home:Library" folder. Move the Todo Conduit and Datebook Conduit from the "Disabled Conduits" folder into the "Conduits" folder. Mac OS asked for my password to authorize this.

    5. Open Palm Desktop, select Conduit Settings, and set both DateBook and To Do conduits to "Handheld overwrites Macintosh". This only needs to be done onece. Conduit Settings should reset this to "Synchronize" after the first time.

    6. Hotsync, and start using Palm Desktop and categories like before.

    I was able to do this because I don't have any great love for iCal, it's pretty and all, but I don't find that I'm always relying on seamless between application sharing like I do with Address and Mail. Unfortunately, iSync does not separate Calendar and To Do items, so it's either both or none. I don't know a way to keep appointments on iCal, and To-Do's on Palm Desktop, but oh well.

    Oh, and I'm using a PowerBook G4, Mac OS X 10.3.7, Palm Desktop 4.0 with a Treo 180.
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    I agree. Mac's not so seamless integration of the address book, ical,and memos with a palm device is lacking.

    Their website hints that the next version of OSX due in March (Tiger) will have enhanced syncing. I hope so!
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    Support of palm categories in ical would win a lot of palm users over from palm desktop or entourage.
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    sol, what about the categories for your addressbook? did they sync correctly with apple addressbook and treo?
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    neither ical nor apple address book supports categories per se. ical supports multiple calendars, which thoeretically could be configured to sync with palm categories, although I am not aware of anyone who has been able to do this well. Mac addressbook simply has no categories at all.

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