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    I just downloaded the 30 day trial of this and on first inspection looks really sweet. I had problems syncing (lots of resets for the first time ever!) but I think that was because I was running low on memory. So I had to remove some stuff prior to installing Zlauncher. Finally got installed and have played with it a wee bit. Of course I haven't read documentation yet (at work!) so don't know of all the kewl features of it. I have it set up with a nice background and with tabs, which I like very much. The only thing right now is that it doesn't appear to be 100% compatible with the 5 way nav. For example, I can navigate through the tabs using the left or right key, but I cannot move down into the icons to select what I want to launch I have to get my stylus out, which kinda sucks...but perhaps I am missing something due to not having read the documentation.

    So, please do flame me and tell me RTFM because I will do that later, but if someone could be kind enough to let me know if this is a problem with Zlauncher or if there is a way to fully use the 5 way nav then that would be much appreciated.

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    once you get to the tab you want press the center button. it then highlights the icons and you can navigate through them. center click again to launch the highlighted icon.
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    just kidding though that will help. Push the center button and it will highlight the upper left icon then you can move between them Hit center again to select.

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    DOH...that was easy..should have thought about that

    Thanks all. This is truly a nice application. I moved SnapperMail over to the card but I wondering if that was it takes a while to launch.

    I have freed up some nice memory though so perhaps I should put Snapper back to Ram.

    Any other kewl features about Zlauncher that I should be aware off :-) Before I read the manual over the weekend that is
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    how do I get a blutooth indicator? how do I get a signal (cellular) indicator... I have seen them on the lo-res skins but not the high res skins...

    I really like the mozilla skin, clean simple... but without those two signal indicators there isn't enough of a reason to get rid of my beloved LauncherX,,, so clean, so fast, so nice
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    MattTarr, I do have a signal indicator on Zlauncher but I do _not_ have the bluetooth indicator which would be nice to have. Perhaps it is because of the skin, not sure. Are there any skins out there that have been designed specifically for the T650? Where is a good place to download skins?

    Thanks muchly.
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    davetati: what skin are you using?
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    But the ZLK_BlueHiCon_Hi_256 shows the signal indicator also.

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