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    After using the demo version of Zap2000 for a couple of weeks I decided it was cool enough to actually shell out $7.95 for. I got the temporary registration code right away and entered it, which enabled me to play the full version for a few more days, during which time Astraware was supposed to send me a permanent registration code. However, my temporary code expired and nothing from Astraware. When it first stopped working it showed a message that included an e-mail address to write if you haven't received the permanent code. I didn't write it down, figuring the message would show up each time I tried to run it after that. No such luck. I have looked around their web site, but the only e-mail address I have been able to find is I e-mailed that address about a week ago, but still nothing.

    Anyone else had this experience? Anyone know another e-mail address I should try, or have any suggestions?

    BTW, my CC HAS been charged, over a week ago.
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    Did you order from PalmGear? Being a developer with software on PalmGear, I can attest to the fact that they have been VERY slow at getting registration notices out to their partners in the last week or so. It may not be the fault of the developer in that case. When PalmGear holds on to registrations for a couple of day (or even more in some cases) it can make the developers look bad. PalmGear is having some growing pains ever since the holidays where I think lots of people got new Palms for Christmas.

    It's a totally different story if you ordered directly from the developer....
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    Interesting. I went to check it out at PalmGear and found this message instead:

    "The selected product has been removed from our database by its developer!"

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    I DID order from PalmGear. I was about to e-mail Astraware again today, when I tried entering my temporary code again. It worked! I guess I should have tried that sooner. I will look closely at the message when it expires this time, and hopefully I can get a permanent code.

    rtalain - I had that problem too when I searched for Zap2000. But after going to the Astraware web site I discovered that the name is actually Zap!2000.

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