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    There are several game emulators out there for various gaming systems. Which one should I get? I want one to entertain my son (if needed) and myself during long flights. Which gaming sys should I get?? Recommendations?

    I have a Treo 650 BTW.
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    any feedback?
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    Depends on the games you are hoping to play, doesn't it?
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    games for my kids (6 yrs old) and games for me to occupy my time on flights.
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    I would say NesEm. I have both NesEm and Gizmo Ultra. NesEm plays a lot better, Gizmo Ultra has a few slow downs. They have some good games for Gizmo, but if you only going for 1 Emulator, buy NesEm.
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    I'd get the dreamengine/nesem/gizmo ultra pack. I mostly play dreamengine for tg16 games, it it works amazingly well. I would also bug the developer of GuineaPig(genesis/sms/tg16/gg/2600 emu) to fix his button mappings for the treo.

    btw, scummVM is amazing. It plays really well if you set the audio to PCSpeaker. I've tried Monkey Island 1 & 2, Indiania Jones & the fate of atlantis, day of the tentacle and loom, all of which work well (music being the only issue).

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    For my needs, NesEm and Firestorm can provide more gaming hours than I can spare.

    Although you'll need lots of RAM to load large ROMS.

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