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    treo 600 newbie...stock 600 hardware and software...

    There is no unified "mail to" function from the contacts list?!?....

    I can't believe that you can't email from your contact list?!? know, go to contacts, scroll down to John Doe, and choose to email him...

    please tell me i'm missing something...thank you...


    ps i know this is a "hardware forum" but there seems to be alot of software discussion here usually...
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    From the mail program you click on lookup to select from your contacts list.
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    If that is the only way then this is a HUGE should absolutely be able to hit "mail" from the contact list...much like you can choose to "dial" or "message"....the "look up" thing within mail only show's email addresses....that's you should have to recognize a client/contact based on their email address?!?!?!

    it's the little things...these are the kinda things that make the blackberry shine...does chatter do something about this?...
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    Dunno about Chatter, but Snapper does...
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    What mail program are you using? Snappermail will let you select any e-mail address from your contact list.
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    He is talking about an option to click "mail" while in the contacts
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    I don't see it as a major oversight but TAKEphONE gives you this capability. It isn't free but it has more features than the built-in address book.

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