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    Hi, My wife is a grad student and needs to read a lot .PDG files for her classes. She is interested in the Visor DX and would get one if she can some how read a .PDF on the Visor. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is, can you please explain how do to it in detail, i.e. what program(s) are nessassary to do it. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    I'm interested in the same info too. I posted a question in the general area on the same topic, so you might watch there for some replies too.

    A reply told me that an app called CSpotRun will allow you to read .pdfs but I have yet to go search for it...I'll let you know what I find out.

    BTW...I just got a Visor's well worth the investment!
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    OK Mr. some stuff for ya!

    While digging around I found a site:

    Go here for the answers you seek! I sure learned a lot!

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    These are her options:

    1. There is a web site ( that converts PDF (and other formats) to HTML. Note that the converter can not handle files that are password protected! Once into HTML, your best bet is to covert the HTML into iSilo's DOC file format. iSilo is a DOC reader that preserves links, graphics and formatting of the original HTML pages(within the limitations of the Palm platform), and compresses the DOC file (saves about 20% on storage space). For more on iSilo, goto

    2. Try InstallBuddy (shareware). In addition to PDF, it handles other file formats, and has a many other useful features. Note that it converts straight into standard DOC file format. This probably your best option if you don't want to use iSilo. The address is - -

    3. If she has access to the full version of Acrobat (NOT the freeware Acrobat Reader), there are plug-ins for Acrobat that will allow you to convert to PC file formats (which in turn can be converted to DOC file format). I have no experience with these options, but the two mentioned in the discussion thread at the end of this post were both expensive. These will also probably not work with password protected files.

    4. If the amount of text is small, she can always cut and paste into the word processor of her choice. There are many free converters that take Word or text files, and output DOC files.

    5. If you run Linux, I recall reading of converters that output raw text from PDF. However, I believe that they strip out all formatting and links. Haven't had time to follow-up on this . . .

    My experience is that tables don't turn out well; and the fancy formatting in newsletters and sales brochures confuse the heck out of converters. Graphics are problematic if they are too large.

    I can't recommend iSilo highly enough. The more I use iSilo, the more I like it. Also, with iSiloWeb, you can download whole web sites into iSilo - - a sort of custom AvantGo (only you can copy stuff out of it, which you can't do with AvantGo). However, if she needs to mark the whole file up and return it to a desktop system, then SmartDOC appears to be the favorite solution mentioned on this board.

    BTW, this topic has come up before here - -

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    Just read of another option in a Palm miniFAQ,

    The free ghostscript utility (available for Win9x, Mac and linux)will convert pdf to plain ascii text. Then a Doc converter (see above question) can be used to convert long text files into Doc format pdb databases.
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    Found another option:

    This is a tool for helping people with visual disabilities access information in PDF. There are three options, a web-based form tools (like gothm), an e-mail service (attach the pdf to an e-mail) and a plug-in that does work with Acrobat Reader. Re: this last option, it is not at all clear if you can save from PDF to html or DOC. It messes with your browser, and I'm not up for testing.

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