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    Hi there all - I'm eagerly a-waiting my Treo 600 from the UK - but I've been thinking about what I can do with it before I get it! Do you think any these are possible?

    1) No-cam (Software & Hardware) [OK, I've seen this is possible! Have to do this - work in a no camera/cellphone w/ camera industry...]

    2) 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 sim card [I've got 3 different sim cards - all on contract w/ bundled talktime & would like to use them all with swopping them out!]

    3) 2-in-1 SD card holder & switch (maybe use now empty card socket as LED torch and/or laserpointer?) [See for the MMC/SD card holder. Any ideas on the LED laserpointer/Flash? The bonus about not having SDIO cards in the SD slot - they don't stick out...]

    4) No-arial (SE P8/900 or Nokia 9210? Must it be quad-band antenna?) [In South Africa there's a cell tower around every corner, so I'm not worried about reception]

    5) 2nd battery - 3600mAh - (Hopefully) 20 days standby! [Connect another battery in parallel w/ the 1st one to boost the mA's, not the Volts! Stick it to the outside, about where the built-in battery is...]

    6) Ram upgrade a la Palm V to Vx? From 32MB to 64/128? [hey, 32 should be enough for me - I'm using a T|T presently, but more is always better!]

    And best of all - all of these mods should be covered by my Krusell Treo pouch!
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    mhhh ...
    the SD-flashlight sounds cool, but how would you do it ?
    btw if you removed the camera, please take some pictures and write a bit of a report, since i'll have to do the same (also work-camera-ban-thingy)
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    Having 2nd thought about this one - I have one of those micro-sized LED torches, but if I remember correctly it takes two 3V batteries, instead of one. And SDcards operate at between 2.7V to 3.6V... So either it won't work or it'll be in "moonlight" mode all the time. But I do recall that a LED can blink on & off with just 3V (two penlights) & a simple capacitor circuit. But how do ya fit that into a SDcard! And what are you going to do with a blinking LED torch? Wonder if the same applies for the laser pointer idea?

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