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    Specifically, I have been trying to use a Bluetooth i.Trek GPS while using Mapopolis, and have found the combination of these two plus the 650 to be very unreliable. Intermittently, the GPS will stop sending data to the phone, or will just seem to hang during the pairing process. I've found if I follow a specific sequence, everything can work fine:
    1. power cycle the GPS
    2. reset the 650
    3. wait for the GPS LED to blink indicating a satellite lock
    4. start the GPS from within Mapopolis
    5. select the GPS from the BT device dialog but wait for the "BT radio wave" animation to stop before continuing
    If I don't follow this sequence (for example, I pair before the GPS has a satellite lock, or don't wait for the "radio wave" animation to finish), the GPS will appear hung (e.g. position never moves) or unavailable as often as not. I guess I shouldn't be surprised trying a brand new PDA with a brand new GPS using a technology as flakey as Bluetooth.

    I wonder if anyone regularly uses a BT GPS with their 650? Do you have to be careful in the order you start things up, or does it always "just work" ? What happens if you accidentally move the GPS out of range of the 650 momentarily, will GPS updates continue when it moves back in range or will they be frozen, waiting for the GPS to be power cycled? Do you use Mapopolis or some other software?
    - Dan Butterfield (
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    I have the btgps and have similar woes. I will have to try your sequence to see if I can get it to work. Right now It only works for about 5 seconds and then the BT connection dies.

    What do you consider "reset the 650"? pulling the battery?
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    I've used two different BT GPS units with my Tungsten and Mapopolis with no such problems (the first GPS was used on numerous trips for about 18 months, the second one I've been playing with for a few weeks now). The only time I lose the data feed from either GPS is when the GPS loses its position lock, which is to be expected.

    So it would seem the problem is either the iTrek GPS device (are you both using that model?), or the Treo. I would lean towards the Treo as the troublemaker, but who knows. If possible, you could try another BT GPS that's known to be reliable to eliminate one variable. Or, try the iTrek with some other BT PDA.

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