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    I know this is a similar thread title, but, I'll bet there are others out there that need what took me forever to "get".

    Here goes-

    To get a movie from a commercial DVD onto your 650:

    1. RIP the DVD
    Movie DVD's are comprised of multiple files with extensions like bup, ifo, vop. Home and portable DVD players are able to read (decode) these files and play them seemlessly. The video player apps for our Treo's (MMPlayer, Kinoma Player, and others) need one BIG file in a format other than bup, ifo, vop. Ripping takes all of the files on the DVD and combines them into the one big file already mentioned.

    There are several apps available to RIP DVD's. I use Pocket DVD Studio ver 1.2.6 (I think). It must be purchased...but there are freeware apps around also. You'll find advice for the settings of each app posted around here. You'll also likely spend a some time experimenting.

    2. ENCODE the ripped file
    This means you'll turn the BIG ripped file into a more compact file of a type easily read by the players available to install on our Treo's. There are several choices of apps to do this. I use Kinoma Producer 3. Since I use Kinoma, I convert these big files into smaller, high quality MPEG-4 format. Again, settings info for this step can be found here, along with some more experimentation.

    3. COPY the encoded file to your SD card
    Depending on the encoding app you use, this step may or may not be necessary. Kinoma will opy the encoded file directly to my SD card through a card I don't have to do this step. Other encoding apps may require you to manual copy the encoded file.

    4. Open your player app on the Treo, select your video file, and enjoy.


    COPY (maybe)

    That's all there is to it and it is even a lot easier than I make it sound.
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    Mod's, pls delete this thread as it is in the wrong forum and has already been stated better by others. Sorry for the inconvenience...

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