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    Since, like a lot of folks, I have a lot more applications than
    I have memory for, I was wondering what folks do to get around
    this. I've taken advantage of the 128M memory offer, but I
    wonder what the limitations are. I'm perfectly willing to move
    applications back and forth from the expansion card when I
    need them, but aren't there limitations as to how I can do that?
    If I move an application, will I always be able to access it
    immediately without messing something up? Or should I
    reset the unit to be safe? And what applications can I access
    directly from the card? Or what applications can access data
    from the card? I've been through dozens of iterations with
    various readers and Docs-to-Go simply trying to store large
    lists of data and have gone through all sorts of problems with
    Palm units going back to the original Palm, so I thought I'd just
    ask. Has this move to Flash memory actually caused us more
    grief than it's solved?


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    Do a search of the forum there are already a number of post on the memory issue.
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    I use power run and there is a lot of talk about zlauncher which works off your card. I found z launcher not very stable for me so i stayed with power run.

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    love zlauncher!
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    If you want a simple way to move and run apps from the card, then I recommend Power run. If you want more power and other features, zlauncher seems to be the way to go. I have Power run, and it works great.
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    Silverscreen by handles the card memory seamlessly. They have a 30 day unrestricted trial.
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    I've been trying out zlauncher, and while it seems like a great
    program, it seems all a launcher does is allow one to skip the
    action of switching to the "card" display to start an application,
    and skip that small delay waiting for an app in the card to start.
    While Zlauncher does lots of other things, it seems that's basically
    what all launchers achieve. True?
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    Quote Originally Posted by franklane
    Silverscreen by handles the card memory seamlessly. They have a 30 day unrestricted trial.
    I'll second that. I've been a SilverScreen user since I got my T600 and it works well on the T650 too.

    I like how SS allows apps to be moved to the SD card easily, and run from the card with only a slight delay. SS also has some great themes (which can be stored on the SD card).

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