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    I have a treo 650.

    a program that would allow me to "look up" online via or other website an unkown number that appears in my call log.

    for example:

    I get a call from 525-252-2222. I dont recognise the number, or I am am not near the phone when it rings. Caller leaves no message.

    I look in call log at my missed calls. I see "525-252-2222" as having called at 10:10 PM.

    I want a button on that screen which would connect me to google search with that number as the search term.

    is that a coherent explanation? I AM half asleep...
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    try to bookmark this page...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    try to bookmark this page...
    Outstanding link!! Thank you Myhoochie for posting this. And yes, I still have my tired old Red Sox Avatar up. Will change it eventually as you did your Spankees logo.
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    You can also just enter the phone number in google. It will do a reverse lookup, too.
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    This sounds usefull, but what I think he wants is to maybe highlight the number click and hold and an option comes up to reverselookup, ...
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    I've tried two addresses with this link and neither one seems to work. Instead they point at a place in the city, but not the actual house number.
    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Directory Assistance uses I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    try to bookmark this page...
    Sweet! Thanks for the link.
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    Instead of using the link, get the free Directory Assistance app. It basically allows you to enter info offline and queries the server for the info. The advantage is that it's a LOT faster than opening blazer, loading the page, and then reloading the page after inputing your search parameters. The app will do reverse look-ups, normal look ups, and lets you easily add results to your phone book.

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