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    Hi, is there good back up software out there so I can back up all of my applications and data on my visor? Know any FREE application that will do that???
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    Easy one to answer. The best product out there is Backup Buddy. It allows you to perform a full backup onto a desktop computer. Recovery is very simple as well. A thorough review of this product may be found at:

    the product itself may be found at:

    it isn't free. it costs $29.95.

    Alpha Texana

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    thanks for the info..
    I just thought of one more question. You know with the window OS. If we constantly installing the new applicationa and deleting it all the time. Sometimes if messes up the OS since we can't always delete all the subfiles that comes with the application. so after while, your computer is fill with all the subfile or unassociate files since their "home" has been deleted. This is the one of the major factor that contribute the bad performance of your computer. What about with my visor? I delete the application all the time simply becaues after the installation, I found out that the application is not as good as I expected. So l deleted them. But would those applications leave those subfiles here and there???????? so when the backupbuddy backs up the system, does it backup all those little subfiles whose home has been deleted??

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    Try DBCleaner (it's free):

    There are other apps that perform the same task.

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