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    Wow, well, I guess I do have an data issue to worry about with the 650.

    Using Snappermail, I got an email with a jpeg attachment. No big deal, just open it, right?

    Well, I tried to open it with Pics and Video app...and it hung.
    (way to go PalmOne, make Pic app that chokes on jpegs).

    Oh well, reset time (now I really wish the reset hole was on the outside...under the battery cover is a joke...bad design).

    Comes back from the reset...back in Snappermail, I am missing all the messages I had download in the past 5 min or so. Opps...not good.

    I was doing POP and not deleting off the server, so I could get them back...but if not, I would've been arse out.

    Of course, the attachment opened fine in Documents To Go....

    First time Ilve every lost data due to a soft reset. Never happened on the 600 (despite lockups), but I guess it does on the 650. So much for the new os/file system enhancements...looks like some caching occurs and can bite you in the bum.
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    Oh yea.....whatever designer put the reset button under the battery cover should be fired.
    Extremely tardanic. Given the lockups on the device, it should be a pinhole on the front of the device.

    Arg....but hey, no more discos on Blazer posts to TC, so at least we have that addressed.
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    I have only have to reset mine about once a week (I think that rare enough to have the reset hole under the back cover

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