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    Anyone know how I can use my BT headset with both my Treo650 and my desk phone...i.e. some type of adapter for my desk phone? I have just ordered a Sony SBH-300, SBH-660 and Cardo Scala 500 to test out...I am wondering if anyone knows if either of these can have dual profiles? The Sony web site doesn't say too much.

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    Depending on the phone, if it has a 2.5mm jack, you can buy a plug-in BT adapter to use with it. Not sure where to direct you to get it, but I know they are out there. Might want to ask Marcus.
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    Will the 2.5mm adapters work for landline phones? From the ones I have found it looks like they are designed for cell phones although they aren't really clear about it.

    Also, there is a headset at:
    which looks good...but I dont' see any revies for it (they had an earlier model but still no reviews I can find really).

    Anyone here ever try the GN Netcom headsets?
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    Bye the way...I found that headset via the link provided by sxtg...thanks
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    I purchased the Gn Netcom bluetooth headset through an on-line vendor (I don't know which one, I just googled, found the lowest price for it and bought it from them). I love it. It pretty much automatically switches between the two phones (my office phone and my Treo 600 with the Jabra adaptor that mentioned earlier in this thread). I sometimes have trouble if one phone rings while I'm on the other, or I try to switch between phones before deactivating the headset. But all I do then is wait a few seconds and try again, and it usually finds the right phone with no problem.

    If you've used the Jabra 200/250 before and liked it, you'll like this. I know a few people who've used it and hated it for various reasons, so they probably wouldn't like this set, but I do.

    One caution: I've seen (both here and on other fora) that the Jabra is notorious for not being clear outside with any wind. I have also found that to be true. According to people on the other end, when I try to use the headset outside, in any type of wind at all, I am almost completely inaudible due to the wind noise. It's a great headset, IMO, for inside and in the car, etc., but I don;t even try to use it outside at all anymore.
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    Thanks a lot for the review. I think I will give it a try.

    Also, I found another pretty neat product that may have a use:
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    I too am looking for a BlueTooth headset that works well with my Treo 650 and my desk phone. Ideally, my requirements are:

    * in the ear
    * compatible with treo 650
    * hookup to a landline phone
    * charging base
    * noise cancelling
    * would like to play mp3s, but not necessary (headset and hand set profiles?)

    I found these two options:

    1. Plantronics Voyager 510S® Bluetooth® Headset System; $290
    not available yet apparently

    2. The GN 6210 is available from ~US$140 via the PriceGrabber store front; MSRP is $279. You can use the headset with non-Bluetooth phones by purchasing the adapter for about $60. $199 at hellodirect

    as another option, I thought about buying an adapter for the desk phone and potentially saving some money...

    3. Bluetooth Phone Base BT-340; sells for $76

    Has anyone had any success with these or any combination that works well with both the Treo 650 and their deskphone? I would really appreciate any guidance.

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    The 6210 setup come sin several "packages", make sure you are getting everything you need. I have seen it sld with just the ehadset, headset + desk attachment and headset, attachment and phone lifter. Reports her eon the jabra 250 here on TC were more unfavorable thna not, so i skipped it.
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    This is a great thread. From a functional perspective, I would really like the Plantronics 510S product for my office. I wish that you did not have buy their headset so you could use your own.
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    Is there any simple adapter (deskphone to bt) that I can buy to use with the bluetooth headset I already have? I don't want to buy the Netcom or Plantronics systems. I also need it to work on my office phone relpacing the coreded headset, but not the entire phone.
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    Does anyone have a solution for the Palm branded blue-tooth headset?

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