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    I am looking for some guidance. I have a Treo 650. I have a 1 GB Lexa SD card. When I view the contents from the applications "Card Info" button I cannot view the contents of what is on the card. I can see how much memory is free.
    So, I copied onto the card by way of a card reader some PDF documents. I thought I could just open up the documents from the card and they would be opened by default by Adobe Reader. Then, from within Adobe I could not find the documents on the card either.

    I guess there are two issues here. Am I doing something wrong with Adobe? Can you only open up files from within their application (i.e. mp3 in Pocket Tunes or Real Player). By the way, I am able to play my mp3's off the card by way of Pocket Tunes no problem.

    Your help is gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
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    I have been researching this. Will FileZ or ZLauncher help with this issue?
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    Yep, and a card reader on your PC.

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