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    I'm a bit of a newbie, but i dont understand what the purpose is? Because of the numerous posts around here about backup software(BackupMan, TealBackup, etc) I installed Teal and it crashed my 650 on the first backup attempt. It went into a perpetual loop trying to start back up and I eventually had to do a hard reset. I simply synched with my desktop and everything was back like it was before the hard reset. Am I missing something? Is there something these software backup apps do that synching does not?
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    Convenient portability- Thats it!
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    Ahh. Simple enough. Thanks.
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    Jack lets say that you are away from your desktop for a few days. 3 in this example. Halfway through day too you have to hardrest for soem reason. Now you have nothing on you phone but the stock apps. No contacts no calender nothing. At least until you get home to do a sync.

    Thats why you need a backup. Try backupman. Works great for me. and its only $10.
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    I just want to understand this: if I am at home by my PC, the Treo sync software will fully restore my Treo to its last previous state, without any ommissions? This includes everything?

    I did try BackupMan, and liked it, but it is not fully T650 functional yet (it crashes). I have no problem paying $10 for the convenience you describe (remote restore) - I have had to hard reset twice in the first 3 weeks I have had my Treo - I would like to have restore capability.

    Thanks for the expertise!
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    Use Right Backup, it is currently working for the 650
    Basically all of the backup programs work the same. It stores a complete copy of your treo's contents. So if you have an issue, have to hard reset and your out in the field, you can restore from you SD card and ride out.
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    As I understand things, hotsyncing does not always copy every single file from the PDA and, thus, may not fully restore it. This is, from what I've read, another benefit of a second backup option.

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